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100% natural

Lightweight, soft, breathable, moisture-wicking and remarkably thermoregulatory, alpaca fibre is as luxurious as fine cashmere.

It is, however, six times better at retaining heat and three times more durable than sheep’s wool. It also contains absolutely no lanolin. Unlike many other natural fibres, it requires no chemical treatment or chemical additives. It is simply washed in a mild, unfragranced, environmentally-friendly detergent.

The qualities of alpaca fibre make it simply the best material available for bedding that is both beneficial and durable:

Thermoregulatory. Alpacas come from the Andean highlands where they withstand both severe frost and scorching heat. Their fleece is a miracle of nature because its hollow-shaft fibres keep the animals warm or cool them down depending on ambient temperature. It is because of this property that an alpaca duvet will adjust to your body’s temperature changes while you sleep.

Moisture-wicking. Alpaca fibre absorbs moisture but does not retain it. In fact, the moisture-retention properties of alpaca fibre are equal to those of cotton and silk – and half that of long-drying sheep’s wool. Thus, an alpaca duvet and pillow will leave you feeling dry and comfortable – even if you have a predilection toward night sweats.

100% natural

100% natural cottonis densely woven, dye-free and Oeko-Tex-certified, meeting the internationally recognised guarantee of textile product safety.


40% cotton / 60% bamboo – smooth snow-white blend of cotton and silky bamboo, light and breathable with a natural sheen.

Our special trim is made from natural cotton printed using Class 1 Oeko-Tex Standard 100 technology (guaranteed safe for infants and children under three years old).

Whay our
customers say

I remember my first night under a duvet made out of these odd-looking animals. I felt fresh, rested and thermally satisfied. I can’t explain it, but I even felt some “cuddly” affection from my duvet. It made a real difference.
Dominik, Warsaw, Poland

I live in the Swiss mountains in a very rough climate. Because I always sleep with an open window, there is a huge change of temperature during the night and I always used to feel too hot or cold during sleep. Since I received a duvet from MyAlpaca as a gift from friends I solved all problems. It has excellent thermoregulation and is also quite light. (…) I can only say that there is nothing to compare [in terms of] comfort to a MyAlpaca duvet.
Franco, Pontresina, Switzerland

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