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Our designs
and finish quality

How do you recognize an original MyAlpaca duvet?

If you look closely, you will notice that the corners extend out beyond a regular rectangle. This is one of the keys to our products’ exceptional performance. Thanks to this proprietary superb-fit shape, our duvets and pillows fill out their covers more snugly than regular bedding, leaving no empty corners. Some people even report that our special corners make it easier to put on the duvet cover.


Our hand-quilting pattern differs from machine quilting, allowing even distribution of heat and preventing cold spots from appearing at the seams.


Our trademarked binding, designed especially for MyAlpaca by artist Małgorzata Lasocka, features our signature print in elegant indigo cotton.

All MyAlpaca products are legally protected as EU Registered Community designs (numbers 002524173 and 002524181). Unauthorized copies will be treated as violations of legal regulations.

Brand and product design by BEZA Project.

received the MUST HAVE Award from the LODZ DESIGN FESTIVAL

recommended to the DOBRY WZÓR competition

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I'll help you to chose the best duvet or pillow.
— Lidia