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Health-promoting and hypoallergenic alpaca fibre is the perfect bedding material for people suffering from allergies or asthma.

We use no harsh chemicals to process alpaca fibre and wash it using only the gentlest organic soap.

Alpaca fibre contains no lanolin or lipids of any kind. It is also dry and hollow, which is why it is inhospitable to the mites that ordinarily nest in foam, polyester and down.

Alpaca fibre is also a wonderful solution for people allergic to sheep’s wool – whether the triggering factor is wool’s lanolin content or the chemicals and detergents used in wool processing.

Recommended by the Polish Society of Allergology

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As an asthma and allergy sufferer, I must admit that MyAlpaca duvet has let me regain a good night’s sleep. After just a few days of use I noticed that I wake up much less often (recently I don’t wake up at all!) and my respiratory passages are “cleaner” after waking up. A few months have passed since I’ve been sleeping with MyAlpaca duvet and I can easily say that no covers I’ve ever used (and I’ve gone through many of them due to my health issues) offer this level of thermal comfort. Konrad, Warsaw

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